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{Business & Data Science}

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Service Categories

IT & Data Services

Be technologized with data science, programming, database design, BI, IT & system architecture and authorization management

Quantitative Finance

Become numerical with statistical analyses of portfolio management, asset management & financial and risk modelling

Projekte & IT-Regulierung

Get structured with professional project & enterprise architecture management and banking & IT regulations

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Vogl Services versus EAM

Quelle: Enterprise Architecture Management – neue Disziplin für die ganzheitliche Unternehmensentwicklung – BITKOM (2011)

The decision is yours. Choose a single category or combine services from the various fields of expertise to highlight your requirements and meet your project vision.

Discover your possibilities and realize your visions with us. We offer a wide range of services in three different categories. Each category represents both one of our areas of expertise and a component of a complete framework along the enterprise architecture:

  • IT & data services access the application, IT & technological architecture
  • Quantiative Finance targets the business architecture and ongoing business
  • Projects & IT-Regulation forms the framework around our offer and can be booked alone or in combination

Services Details

Explore the single services offered in each category. Slide through for detailed information.

IT & Data Services

  • Applied Statistics
  • Data Analysis & Cleansing
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Applications for Data Visualization
  • Support of existing Data Science – Teams
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Algorithms
  • Software Products
  • Support of existing Programming – Teams
  • Database-Design-Process
  • Database Implementation
  • Database Management & Administration
  • Relational Databases (SQL, MySQL, T-SQL)
  • Data Management & Data Migration
  • Support of existing Database – Teams
  • Conception & Prerequisites for Business Intelligence
  • Requirements - Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Dashboard Solutions & Reporting
  • Support of existing BI – Teams
  • Structuring of IT Architectures & Systems
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Requirement analyses & feasibility studies (among others on digitisation projects)
  • Security Conception & Cyber Security
  • Support of existing Systems & Architecture – Teams
  • Planning & Conception of ACIM
  • IT Organization
  • Access & Identity Management for Start-Ups
  • Support of existing ACIM – Teams

Quantitative Finance

  • Statistical Reports & Algorithms for financial Instruments
  • Statistical Outliers & Anomaly Detection for financial Time Series
  • Statistical Reports & Algorithms for financial Data
  • Proposed Forecasting Algorithms are ranked by Efficiency using DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)* on Demand
  • Conception & Programming of financial Models
  • Implementation of financial Models
  • Academic basic validation for new concepts, financial models & customized modeling of financial instruments
  • Proposed Forecasting Algorithms are ranked by Efficiency using DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)* on Demand
  • Conception & Programming of Risk-Models
  • Implementation of Risk-Models
  • Reports & Usage of Risk-Models
  • Academic basic validation for new concepts, risk measures & tailored risk models
  • Proposed Forecasting Algorithms are ranked by Efficiency using DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)* on Demand
  • Financial Analysis of Asset Classes
  • Financial Analysis are prepared and calculated in Compliance with §§ 85, 86 WpHG and MAR
  • Proposed Forecasting Algorithms are ranked by Efficiency using DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)* on Demand
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis of Financial statements based on German HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Tax accounts & German VAT - Model for financial institutions
  • Credit Reporting & Credit Management
  • Controlling of Investment Guidelines & Portfoliomanagement
  • Bank management

* taken from “A novel ranking procedure for forecasting approaches using Data Envelopment Analysis” published in “Technological Forecasting & Social Change 1 (2016) p. 235-243” by Ali Emrouznejad, Bahman Rostami-Tabar & Konstntinos Petridis using CCBY license (from Elsevier Inc.)

Projects & IT-Regulation

  • Professional Project Management
  • Interim Management
  • Support of existing PM – Teams or PMO
  • Conception of EAM-Projects
  • Project Management for EAM-Projects
  • Support of existing EAM – Teams
  • IT regulations for German banks (including MaRisk, BAIT, KRITIS-V)
  • Conception of Projects driven by Regulation
  • Support of existing Teams or Projects
  • Conception & Support of IT Architecture & Systems and other IT Projects in regard of IT Regulations in Germany and Europe
  • Individual Offers for other States on Demand

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