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We offer specialized, structured and highly technological services for companies, financial institutions and various business activities.

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A holistic and selected combination of services forms a company-wide spectrum of potential courses of action and opportunities available to you. Our services are based on a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements. In order to meet these individual needs, our team is committed to providing the highest level of education and keeping our services at the cutting edge of technology.


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Databases & Algorithms for global Financial Instruments

Activities carried out by our team:

  • Design & implementation of a database structure for about 100,000 global financial instruments
  • Heuristics for capital market measures and real-time updating of share price data for financial analysts
  • Programming & implementation of structural fracture analyses to create consistent data 

Advantage & Benefit of our customer:

  • Increase of the product & service quality for the end customer
  • Reduction of error sources & lowering of legal liability risks through consistent data quality
  • Reduced data processing costs and easier work for financial analysts

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Identity & Access Management for Banks

Activities carried out by our team:

  • Analysis & introduction of the role model according to MaRisk, BAIT, standards of IDW (FAIT, PS) & examination of the relevance of KRITIS-V
  • Regulatory compliant adaptation & separation of all authorizations of each system environment for the entire staff
  • Avoidance of the consequences of a § 44 KWG audit and adaptation of recertification to current regulatory requirements

Advantage & Value for our Client:

  • Avoidance of negative (supervisory & monetary) consequences of § 44 KWG Review & reduction of monies
  • Reduction & elimination of possible security gaps & espionage risks

Investment Guidelines for Wealth Management Premium Clients

Activities carried out by our team:

  • Electronic data capture and creation of an option for automated, bank regulatory compliant control of special manual investment guidelines for Wealth Management Premium clients
  •  Bank-side creation of dashboard solutions for effective bank management
  • Controlling and monitoring of 9-digit Depot A portfolios

Advantage & Value for our Client:

  •  Findings from the analysis of special investment guidelines led to increased new customer acquisition
  • Effective bank management significantly reduced operational risk; positive reporting to Internal Audit
  • Automated controlling mechanisms significantly reduced the costs of bank management

VAT - Optimization Modell

Activities carried out by our team:

  • Preparation of the income tax return of the last 3 years using the sales tax margin model
  • Recovery of input tax (VAT) for all business expenses

Advantage & Value for our Client:

  • Refund of a higher 7-digit amount for the credit institution

Project Financing - Credit Analysis

Activities carried out by our team:

  • Project support and yield calculations for wind energy projects
  • Credit and collateral agreements according to CRR including KfW correspondence to facilitate the customer's financing structure
  •  Loan processing and project management for wind power plants in 7-9 digits

Advantage & Value for our Client:

  • Reduction of calculation risks for risky project loans
  •  Acquisition of funding (including KfW funding) for projects, have improved conditions for customers and project owners
  • Increased number of project finance deals

Our Research Activities

We offer you the possibility of contract research to support your visions with scientific methods.

We can be booked for lectures and presentations for your company and your events.

We strive to be knowledgeable and actively participate in current research topics and projects. Capital markets, financial modelling, chaos theory, computer science, regulatory flows and other topics are part of our research projects.
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Mr. Vogl is also a member of the Behavioral Accounting & Finance Lab of the Professorship for Controlling & Business Informatics of the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg.

Lectures by Markus Vogl

Below you will find some videos from the lecture "Data Science for algorithmic financial market & time series analysis", which is offered fully digital at the TH Aschaffenburg.

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